Risk management

Risk management

  • Notre mission


    MONEYCORE est un cabinet de conseil en management & consulting IT. Notre mission est de promouvoir le développement et la croissance des organisations à travers trois practices phares :

    - Le Business Transformation
    - La Monétique & les moyens de paiement
    - Le Risk management & la sécurité de l’information

    Dans le domaine du conseil et de l’assistance, Moneycore accompagne ses clients depuis leurs choix stratégiques jusqu’à la mise en œuvre des projets, en passant par la conception et l’accompagnement : stratégie opérationnelle, études et expertise, audit et sécurité, assistance à maîtrise d’ouvrage et gestion de projet, homologation et test, assistance technique et développement, formation.

  • Notre mission


    MONEYCORE is a consulting company in management & IT consulting. Our mission is to promote the development and the growth of organizations though our 3 main objectives :

    - Business Transformation
    - Electronic and all methods of payments
    - Security Information & Risk management

    In the area of assisting and consulting, Moneycore guides their clients starting at their strategic starting point, until the implementation of the project is in place through the design and support: expertise and analysis, operational strategy, audit and security, project manager and project manager assistance, acceptance testing, technical assistance, development and training.

  • Notre equipe


    Ordinary people achieving extraordinary things !


    Direction of the office

    The direction of the office is supported by a team of top managers recognized by their expertise.

    This team is responsible for defining and implementing the strategy and the preparation of budgets and action plans.

    This team leads the strategic thinking of the firm, develops and monitors the implementation of the strategic plan. They also pilot the evolution of the office, non stop.

    The team participates in the development of action plans and annual budgets and ensures the achievement of annual objectives. It oversees the daily operations and activities of functional services, offers risk control, and adapts processes of organizational needs and office issues.

    Manager of the electronic banking practice and modes of payment

    The founder and leader of Moneycore, is responsible for the management of electronic banking and payment systems. He has over 10 years of experience in IT project management and electronic payments. He has worked on many major projects such as the Liberty project and at the Carrefour group.


    Manager of the risk management practice 

    Former Regional General Manager for Latin America at Intellect International NV, where he worked on business development, Initialization and development of a distribution network for payment terminal solutions. He was also the Marketing Manager at Paybox, where he participated in the launch of new products defining the best user experience and positioning the product successfully in France and in Africa.

    Today, he manages and develops the pole strategy and management.


    Manager of the business transformation practice

    Former director of information systems at the company Chèque déjeuner, where he helped build the foundations of the transformation of the companies numbers. He was then Director of Operations at Eturning and then a consultant in digital business transformation in Switzerland.

    Today, he manages and develops the digital pole business transformation.

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